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I will NOT cheat!

Damn me if i do!

I will NOT cheat. I will NOT cheat. I will NOT che
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This community is maintained by schalakid

The purpose of this community is if you're stuck in a section of a game, and would rather not have to resort to a game guide (cheating), then you can post your problem here, and get someone who isn't playing that game currently, to recall from the top of their head (or gameguide ;)) how to overcome it.

sure, there's FAQ sites and all, but i'm fussy, it's "cheating", where as this site just lets you air you problem out loud, and listen out for some helpful friendly advice - so much better than an FAQ! it also allows the opportunity for some discussion and debate, and the development of friendships - now what FAQ does that! NYAH!

Let the problem solving begin!